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About Me

Yay! Someone other than my parents clicked on my About Me page!

What about me? I consider myself the most grateful man on earth. I’m a father. I’m a husband. I’m a son. I’m a brother. I’m a friend. I’m a family man. I’m a good guy. 

My calling?  I’m a coach. I’m a consultant. I’m a strategist. I’m a confidant. I’m a connector. I’m an investor. 

I’m a player’s coach, which means I played the game. I’ve been an entrepreneur 99% of my adult life. I don’t coach from theory, books, templates, or other people’s work. I experienced amazing successes and spectacular failures. I’ve started businesses, grew businesses, sold businesses, bought businesses, brokered business sales, been a franchisor, been employed by a large franchisor, and I’m an investor. 

I transfer my decades of experience to my clients, and couple it with accountability, knowledge and truth-telling. This is why my clients work with me long term, bless me with referral after referral, and shower me with some very humbling testimonials.

I’m beyond grateful that I earn my living by helping entrepreneurs soar.

Happy Faces of Happy Clients

They have taken a monumental step toward success and so can you!

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