Increase In Value -

Increase In Value

Your business is the vehicle that provides the financial freedom that will, in turn, provide the freedom to work when, how and if you want to. It is the asset that will sustain you and your family—even when you are not working in it. You are committed to building a business that is not only profitable, but marketable. Your biggest payout won’t come from your salary or dividends, but from the day you sell all or part of your venture. Investors will pay a healthy premium for a business that produces consistent, predictable and increasing profits. Most people think of this as “sweat equity,” but it’s really ” smart equity”—the value you add to the business by finding faster, easier and less costly ways to do the work.
What this really means is that you intentionally develop a systems-based business that runs successfully, profitably and predictably without you, freeing you to pursue your passions and goals and becoming a valuable asset that you can sell for top dollar.
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