Become More Organized -

Become More Organized

Most small businesses depend on the expertise of whoever is on payroll at a given time. As a consequence, how tasks are performed changes as people come and go. The danger is that customers will have unpredictable experiences with your business, and might not come back.
The solution is to create a systems-dependent, not people-dependent, business. We call this kind of approach the “franchise prototype” and suggest that it has the power to dramatically transform any business “from a condition of chaos and disease to a condition of order, excitement and continuous growth.” When you consider your business as the prototype for multiple locations (even if you never plan on expanding), you will clearly document “the way we do it here,” and the resulting proprietary operating systems will ensure that tasks are always performed consistently, regardless of who carries them out.
We will show you how to design business systems, how to train your team to use them, and how to measure their importance and effectiveness. We will help you put systems in place so that the systems run the business and your team runs the systems—so you don’t have to.
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