Grow Year In & Year Out -

Grow Year In & Year Out

There are three stages to business development: start-up, in-business and on-business. In each stage, you’ll face unique challenges and opportunities. As a start-up, you struggle with time management issues because you’re probably still doing all of the work yourself. You willingly devote everything to your business regardless of the toll it takes on you personally. You’re running on 100% passion. You love it, but it isn’t sustainable. In the in-business stage, you begin to experience growth and you realize that you need help managing all of the business you’re generating. You hire employees to take over some of the tasks that used to overwhelm you. But soon you find that things aren’t getting done the way you want them to be done. At this point, many business owners push their employees out of the way and insert themselves right back into the start-up stage. Our goal is to help you get to the third stage of small business development: on-business. We help you create the dynamic systems that enable your business to grow in a predictable and sustainable way. We show you how to optimize your organization’s resources and set up a company culture based on performance, effectiveness and results. We help you develop an organization chart with clearly defined responsibilities, an employee development system that brings out the very best in your team, and an overall strategy that gives order and purpose to your business. You will finally be working on your business instead of in it.
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