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Thank you for helping me take my company from 1 million in sales to 2 million in sales in just over a year! – Stephen Garrett


What can I say other than I wish I had hired Larry as a business coach much earlier than I did! He helps you assess where you stand, and then assists you to focus on making improvements from your foundation up. He makes you feel good about your accomplishments at the same time that he’s giving it to you straight. He helps me find clarity with difficult decisions, find focus when I’m extremely overloaded, and always has my best interest in mind. He has an infectious positive attitude and works with you at a manageable pace. I would definitely recommend Larry as a coach, you will not regret it! – Sarah W.

I’m so glad that I decided to work with Larry! With Larry, I was able to work less and be so much more profitable. He taught me how to create systems and structures that removed sooooo much of my stress (and back pain!), allowed me to accomplish more, make more money and freed up so much time for me to enjoy life and what truly matters. We set goals together and create a realistic plan of action for each one. He holds me accountable by regularly checking in. Larry is always just a phone call, text message and email away. It’s really so great to have Larry to brainstorm with, problem solve, vent to, get guidance from etc. I get a better perspective of both business and life with Larry. He has taught me so much. Larry cares and definitely delivers results. I highly recommend being coached by Larry! 🙂 – Shannel Mariano

Larry is absolutely amazing. His devotion to help mold companies into great businesses is second-to-none. I highly recommend Larry to any business owner looking to make the next bigger/better step. WARNER FAMILY – Shane W


“Running a business takes a lot of time and focus to knock out tasks and adversities that are right in front of you. Every meeting with Larry is a breath of fresh air and positivity that takes you back to a birds eye view of where you are in the process and the roadmap to where you are headed. Larry’s process in less than a year has helped us navigate tough client relationships, clean up our finances and create a more streamlined approach to how we handle budgeting, and mainly has allowed me to start building a system where I am able to manage and grow my business ( delegate ) instead of trying to carry my team on my back through every project – Mike Myers

We originally hired Larry because we were in desperate need of help with the sales strategy in our startup. His holistic approach to consulting, however, help to improve our entire business model, from the way we manage our expenses and vendors to maximizing efficiency in our supply chain. His method and experience undoubtedly contributed to our 350% increase in sales in just one year, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any business owner who is wanting to grow and effectively operate their business. – Chelsea M.

business coach and teacherI can easily say that hiring Larry it is one of the most important decisions I have made for myself and my company. I have come to the realization that every business owner should use a business coach and the fact that Larry owned, operated and franchised his own business is what makes him qualified, he knows what he is teaching first hand. Not to mention that he is a heck of a good guy.

I have worked hard to build a company that I and my family can be proud of, and now I am working on the business and not just in it. Thanks, Larry! I strongly urge anyone who is looking to grow their business to call Inline Business Advisors and see how they can help you and your company. – Darin Garcia

Larry VivolaLarry of Inline Business Advisors is as top notch as they come. Larry built a true relationship with us quickly and took pride in our business. His knowledge and dedication to us entrepreneurs put him ahead of the class over other business advisors. We would recommend his services to anyone that wants to take their business to the next level. – Wes Hansen

We started working with Larry about a year ago. Our business was steadily growing, but felt that we could have a more organized approach and also knew a lot of leads that we were getting were falling through the cracks. It is hard to be able to take a step back from everyday tasks and be able to prioritize appropriately and also be objective about what needs to happen. We had a lot of good ideas and Larry was great about helping us weed through them and decide what we would integrate into our business and why some ideas just were not worth spending energy on. He also built upon a lot of our ideas making them work really well for us and our team.

Personally, I was very appreciative of his ability to hold us accountable and see our tasks and programs through. He was also good about gently showing us that some of our systems or marketing programs either were not working or needed to be monitored. It made us face the fact that some things just aren’t going to work and eliminating those from our business was okay. He also had us put tracking systems in place to ensure the money we spent was providing an ROI. Larry is tough. He is patient. He is understanding of what business owners go through on a daily and his no-nonsense approach to guiding us into more success was impressive. I am so very grateful to have him on our team, he is an absolute asset!
Thank you, Larry! – Andrea J.

Bobbi DLarry, As you know it will be 6 years since I haven’t taken more than occasional half days off. Well that all changed next week. I have an assistant, I raised my rates, set up procedures and am making almost twice as much as last year. Best of all I have the next 9 days free. I taking time off – unplanned – – – tired of scheduling every moment of the day, so whatever I can think of, on the spur of the moment I’m going to do. Movies, dinners, long drives to the mountains, just whatever. And it’s all your fault. LOL!
Thanks ever so much on the influence you’ve had on my life and business. – Bobbi D

Gary SWorking with Larry has been great. His style is fantastic. Very smart guy. Takes things slow and works well with the employer as well as employees. I would recommend Inline Business Advisors to any company looking to increase their bottom line. Thanks, Larry for a job well done. – Gary Sachs

Larry helped us improve our operations with getting the right systems in place. In having these systems in place it has helped us improve in our sales and overall operations of running our business. Larry brainstormed marketing scenario’s and ideas to drive traffic into the spa that helped grow our business. Having Larry helped to keep us focused on what we needed to do to market and grow our business. We saw a lift in business having him providing us guidance to build our business. It has been very beneficial having Larry as our Coach. I would recommend Larry to existing and new businesses. I would hire Larry again! – Shani M.

JoeLarry is a straight-forward professional who has helped us to save and make substantial amounts of money. I have always valued our relationship and appreciate his talented and personable advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his business coaching services to anyone. – Joe Fritz

small business coachWe started working with Larry based on a recommendation from our Financial Advisor. Let me put it this way, during our first meeting he explained it the best way to me possibly — “I will be like a board of director for you.” Each time we meet, we go over previous goals and then we analyze the potential next best steps for the business.
If you are driven individual and quest the need for success, Larry is going to help you and guide to make sure you push as hard as possible — it definitely changed our business. – Robert Norberciak

business coach and advisor“Just wanted you to know that my cost of goods dropped 15%! Can you believe it! Also, as it stands right now, since working together Glass Now has grown 156.3%. Thanks! Can’t thank you enough, Larry. These last few months have been tremendous thanks to you! Each month working with you there has been at least 25% growth, with the exception on this month (which is typically the slowest month of the year)… This month has already shown 40% growth and there is another week left of business potentially!! I am getting leads from so many places now, it’s like they are coming from everywhere!!! Thanks again Larry! Enjoy your holidays, you KNOW I am!!!” – Alex Nelson

business coach and advisor“Larry – What you have done, not only for my business but for me personally, has been a blessing.  You have helped my company grow more than 25% in the short time we have worked together.  The growth can be directly attributed to your ideas and infectious passion to see me succeed.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I look forward to our weekly meetings and I look forward to a long, successful relationship…  Thanks for everything coach!” – Alex Nelson

business coach and advisor“I’m the type of person who thinks that I can handle just about any problem that comes my way. But the direction my business was going was really putting a strain on me. I decided that maybe it was time I sought some help. One of the luckiest days for my business and I was when I found the website for Larry Vivola and InLine Business Advisors. I have been meeting about two months now with Larry and my attitude and business results are really starting to take a turn for the better. Larry holds me accountable and peppers me every week with new ideas and homework. Hiring Larry Vivola is the best decision I could’ve made. If you and your business have come to a dead end, I suggest you give Larry a call and get moving in the right direction again.” – Steve Haire

business coach and advisor

“Larry has helped me increase my sales by 50% in the last four months, that’s phenomenal. It would be a bad decision not to hire Larry.” – Jimmy Judon

business coach and advisor“I have worked with Larry and Inline Business Advisors for a little more than one year. Larry takes a sincere interest in his clients and leaves no question that his top priority is helping grow his clients’ businesses. His experience building a successful franchise from the ground up, as well as his patience and understanding, makes him uniquely qualified to counsel business owners at all levels. With Larry’s guidance, I have seen my business transform from one that was disorganized and lacking in vision, to one that is now easily managed and growing comfortably with my goals always in mind. The bottom-line is: My stress levels have dropped, but my business and income have increased. What more could you want in a business coach?” – Lee Henman

business coach and advisor“Larry is very honest and down to earth. He’s very knowledgeable and that comes from years of experience of owning his own business. Larry ” THANK YOU” for your guidance and awesomeness. It’s always easy to recommend your services to other business owners.”  – Lilly McClune

business coach and advisor“I have been coached by Inline business Advisors for 5 months now. Larry has been an inspiration and has given me confidence in moving my business to the next level. He has helped me organize my company internally so we can grow and so we can handle the growth.  He has given me the marketing strengths and ideas that I would not have thought about. Larry helped me get through a rough time from internal conflict within our company. I was ready to give up on my company. He has given me the tools and strength to get through and not to give up my dreams of being a successful business owner.

I have already seen results in my company’s ability to take on more clients. His marketing ideas have already resulted in a 25% increase.  When I leave our meetings I always feel better and want to put his ideas to work. I highly recommend Inline Business Advisors to business owners that are looking to grow. No matter how big or small Larry can help you achieve your goals and dreams.” – Donna Morgan

business coach and advisor“It’s been a couple of months since my last testimonial for Larry. I’m ecstatic to say that Larry has now helped me DOUBLE my business. DOUBLED my business! I just wanted to shout that DOUBLE.” – Donna Morgan

business coach and advisor“He challenges me to think of things that I haven’t thought about. He has ideas that bring me out of the box like never before! Larry has helped me get in front of 100 new prospects in the last 2 months. I hadn’t been in front of 100 new prospects in a year.”- Katie Stumbo

business coach and advisor“Larry is a salt of the earth person. He is truly concerned with the success of his client’s businesses. He provides sound and reasonable advice which is grounded in his own success as a business owner. Larry is wonderful to work with and understands the challenges of the business owner. He is a great person to have on your team.” –  Gregory Poulos

business coach and advisor“Hi Larry, Thank you very much for meeting with me yesterday! You gave me a lot of interesting and valuable pointers. I knew my discrepancies myself but your graph pointed it out (and so did you!) that I cannot ignore it any longer. See your powers are working! Please keep my weaknesses confidential, I know you will. I will mention you and your great abilities to everyone I know. Thank you so much!” – (Name Withheld)

business coach phoenix az“Larry brings real-world experience and expertise into the business coaching relationship.  I appreciate how he is able to take big concepts and break them down into manageable activities that grow your business in both the short and long term.  I would highly recommend Larry Vivola to anyone looking to grow their small business.” – Jeremy Wilford

business coach phoenix azLarry is a spectacular coach. He has a real genuine knowledge of my business and puts forth great energy to help me reach my goals. Whatever your business is Larry can help guide and get you to the next level. As an entrepreneur, I know a good amount of what needs to be done but it’s beneficial to have a business coach to steer you in the right direction.” – Shantal Chase

business coach phoenix az“Larry Vivola and his company Inline Business Consulting have been a Godsend for my business.  Although I have only worked with Larry for three short months I can truly say that I am seeing some growth spurts already. I look forward to our meetings each week and my “homework assignments” but most importantly I look forward to the encouragement and confidence that keeps me moving forward and motivated. He really knows his stuff.” – Pamela Balin

business coach phoenix az“Larry Vivola has the highest integrity, and truly cares about his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable about how to help his clients reach their potential. He not only offers up solutions but makes them feel supported every step of the way. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone who is looking to grow their business and see real results.” – Bonnie Moehle

An email referral from one Realtor (client) to another Realtor:

business coach phoenix az“We talked before about business coaching, and we’ve both done or are doing Buffini which has been good. I also mentioned to you about the new business coach Jeremy and I hired 3 months ago, Larry Vivola who is the owner of Inline Business Advisors. I don’t know about you, but the biggest problem I’ve had in my real estate career has been to run my business “as a business.” Certainly, Buffini and others have preached this to us, but after hiring Larry, who incidentally is not a “real estate” centric business coach, I’m finding it very refreshing and challenging. I’m being held goal/task accountable on a weekly basis – in person.

Larry has fresh insight into our industry that has helped us considerably. I’m excited about our direction and I think you could benefit as well. He’s hilarious too – if you can get past his east coast (New Yawk twang).” – Mike Bodeen

business coach phoenix azLarry Vivola is a bright, savvy entrepreneur who thrives on helping other entrepreneurs. He thinks small business in a big way. When we learned Larry had left Brooklyn for sunnier climes, we made him an honorary Brooklyn Chamber member for life.” – Mark M. Kessler

business coaching“Larry is a disruptive thinker in the best sense possible. He just doesn’t accept the status quo. Larry has changed my business, and more importantly, how I view my business. My business now serves me!” – Paul Villella

business coach phoenix az“Larry showed me how guerilla marketing and self-generated public relations are extremely easy. These efforts have generated thousands and thousands of dollars in additional revenue for my business. – John Addis

business coach phoenix az“Larry has coached and mentored me, and I have surpassed my goals beyond my wildest dreams. Above all, He truly cares about his clients and their successes. He’s like a partner but accepts peanuts for his compensation.”  – Tom Edgecumbe

business coach phoenix az“Larry is good at what he does. Quite frankly he’s very affordable too.” – Andrew Ellis

business coach phoenix az“Larry is a businessman of great character. He is loyal and unequivocally dedicated to his clients, family, and friends. Larry lives by goals, both business as well as professional, and his ability to meet these goals makes him a strong, efficient, and decisive individual. Larry is a true professional, with outstanding business ethics and unending drive.” – Bette Toffelmier

business coach phoenix az“Larry’s charismatic approach to helping people get the most out of their abilities is refreshing and most welcome. His many years of experience running a business are invaluable to those seeking assistance in maximizing their potential.” – Jose Martinez

business coach phoenix az“Hiring Larry was the single best thing I’ve done as a business owner. Larry was able to analyze my business needs and develop a realist goal set that not only met my expectations it exceeded them beyond my belief. Above all, I would recommend Larry’s service with InLine Business Advisors to any business owner who is interested in improving the way they do business.” – Patrick Church

business coach phoenix az“I found Larry to have awesome insight and great business sense. His approach to helping your business to be a great success is to say the least, unique. He is very easy to talk to. When you put his suggestions into practice you are extremely pleased. If you would like for your business to run smooth and increase your profits, I highly recommend Larry Vivola.” – Lyle White

business coaching“Larry is a stand-up consummate professional dedicated to the development of small business opportunities for his business and colleagues in parallel and diverse endeavors. Mr. Vivola espouses professionalism in its highest order. You will make a wise choice empowering Larry who will, in turn, empower the constituents he’ll be serving to create optimum opportunities for Inline Business Advisors.” – Darryl Hollon

business coaching“Larry is a vivacious person with a passion for his business, his clients, and his life. In addition, He will work hard for you! Having Larry in your corner is having a wonderful asset.” – Sallyann A. Martinez

business coach and advisor“Larry is the ideal business coach. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he understands the business owner’s everyday challenges and has the technical knowledge necessary to help provide his clients with strategic direction. He’s an engaging and entertaining personality that encourages executives to stay motivated. Larry truly cares about the ongoing success of his clients both personally and professionally. I recommend him to anyone who is considering an adviser or coach to take their business to the next level.” – David Thom

business coach phoenix“Larry is a skilled business advisor and a true professional. He uses his real-world experience, expertise, and passion to coach his clients towards moving their businesses to the next level. In addition, Larry strives to see companies reach their full potential and is fully invested in the success of each of his clients. His systematic approach to coaching guides his clients through personalized steps to get the results. To his clients, Larry is a trusted coach, mentor, and friend.” – Kim Valent

business coach arizona“My first encounter with Larry Vivola was nothing short of enticing. He attended one of my first speaking engagements as a young entrepreneur and approached me immediately after. He saw my ambition and reached out to me knowing that he could help me be more successful. In no way was he solely interested in converting me into his client. Rather, he was immediately invested in my company and took the initiative to give me advice, prior to us being his client. Larry was genuine, thorough, and incredibly knowledgeable each time that I met him and he continually comes up with new ways for me to perceive my progress and envision my further success. I would wholeheartedly recommend Larry for any position that requires making business decisions, networking, and/or the development of practical strategies.”

business coach scottsdale“Larry’s willingness to assist small business owners is outstanding. He is a great team player and a talented coach.”
– Joan Krueger

business coach arizona“To be a business adviser you need business skills and the ability to communicate your knowledge. Larry excels at these requirements and makes the process fun. He is on my short list of people to refer to my clients.” – Jim Vaccaro

business coach phoenix az“Three areas that impress me regarding Larry are:
1. He has been a successful small business owner – He is a proven business leader.
2. Larry has a passion for excellence and learning
3. I feel that Larry is honestly committed to my success I would recommend Larry to anyone who wants to get an honest assessment of where their business is today and the steps and actions necessary to take their business to the next level.
Larry is the type of person that I would want as a coach and mentor and I am honored to have him as a friend.” – Jim Ondrus

business coach phoenix“Larry and I worked together at Re-Bath during the low-point of the recent economic downturn. With our combined creativity, we managed to help put over 50 entrepreneurs into business for themselves. Larry spearheaded the Re-Bath Express business model. He is bright, witty and a pleasure to work with. Above all, I highly recommend Larry and InLine Business Advisors.” – Steve Adams

David M“During my 50 years of doing business, I never met a man who was more knowledgeable in terms of knowing what to suggest in terms of a client’s specific needs. He cut right to the chase and pulled no punches. He is a true professional in the way he performs his business. In addition, I would recommend Larry to anyone in a split second for business coaching.” – David M. Spindel

Mike M“I have worked with Larry for over a year now and it is always a pleasure doing business with him. I have talked to 5-7 of his clients that have seen amazing growth in their business and consider him a trusted colleague. Larry is very trustworthy, business-minded, and a man of character.” – Mike Myers

Shantal Chase“Larry is passionate about what he does! It shines through with every move he makes. In addition, I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level. He is detailed and knowledgeable in all that he does!” – Shantal Chase

Akira Hirai“Larry has a wealth of practical knowledge developed through his hands-on experience helping to manage a family business. He excels at helping entrepreneurs work through startup issues and sort out operational problems. If you need an honest, brass-tacks consultant to help you figure out how to make your business run better, In other words, I would recommend Larry as your man.” – Akira Hirai

Kendra Buscho“Larry has a unique perspective and insight into all things “Entrepreneur.” If you need to exercise discipline in your business or interject enthusiasm, Larry Vivola is the best coach you could ask for in growing your business to the next level.” – Kendra Buscho

business coach coaching“Larry has a lot of real-world experience and the desire to teach others to be successful and avoid some of the major pitfalls of business ownership. In conclusion, He is a great guy and I would certainly recommend him to anyone!” – Dirk Haupt

business coaching“Larry is a dynamic and passionate professional who genuinely cares about supporting others and our community in any way possible. Larry truly inspires others to realize their potential. There is not enough positive feedback that I can provide regarding Larry. Above all, I feel extremely fortunate to know Larry and highly recommend getting to know and working with Larry.” – Jason Bressler

Max Sampson“I have been a member of BNI with Larry Vivola for 2 years now. Larry has always been someone with a great sense of humor, very caring, considerate, and extremely professional!!! He inspires me with his knowledge about business, and I love the way that he looks at life. Above all, I would never hesitate to refer him to anyone who would need his help and advice. I feel that he would do a great job and they would cultivate a new friend forever!!! Please don’t hesitate to call me and ask me about Larry Vivola, if you are looking for a business coach and a Great Business Advisor. 480 213-7055 Sincerely, Max Sampson Business Broker at WCI Brokers Central in Phoenix, Arizona.” – Max Sampson

Cindy Chamberlin“When it comes to improving, growing and taking your business to the next higher level, Larry’s expertise and guidance and business coaching will get you there. As business owners know having an expert in your pocket to counsel and educate is key to success. Above it all, Above all, Larry is the locksmith that holds all the keys you will need!” – Cindy Chamberlin

Mary Reitz“Larry has a passion for the service he provides! He genuinely cares about his clients and is a straight-shooter to say it like it is. If he can improve a process he is creative to find a way and is there with you until you have achieved your goals.” – Mary Reitz

Neil Lokare“Larry is what anyone would look for in a business coach – charismatic, intelligent, and results-oriented. Having met with Larry much of the last six months, we have developed a professional friendship. I consider Larry to be a great mentor who is passionate about business development and helping others, including myself, succeed.” – Neil Lokare

Bonnie Moehle“Larry Vivola has the highest integrity, and truly cares about his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable about how to help his clients reach their potential. Therefore he not only offers up solutions but makes them feel supported every step of the way. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone who is looking to grow their business and see real results.” – Bonnie Moehle

Gregory Poulos“Larry is a salt of the earth person. He is truly concerned with the success of his client’s businesses. He provides sound and reasonable advice which is grounded in his own success as a business owner. Larry is wonderful to work with and understands the challenges of the business owner. In addition, He is a great person to have on your team.” – Gregory Poulos

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