Business Effectiveness Evaluation -

Business Effectiveness Evaluation

The business effectiveness evaluation is equivalent to a yearly physical examination. We all know how important it is to visit our doctor for an annual check-up. Right? Prevention and early detection of any concern is paramount to health. The same goes for your business!

My Business Effectiveness Evaluation service will provide you with an overall health benchmark of your business. Performance is measured in nine critical areas: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources, Business Systems, Profit Margins, Financial Management, Leadership, and Personal/Work Life Balance.

I will evaluate the results, and together we will strategize to formulate a 90-day action plan to improve areas of concern.

Let’s go! Contact me now to get your business-physical started!



Andrea J. 
“We had a lot of good ideas and Larry was great about helping us weed through them and decide what we would integrate into our business and why some ideas just were not worth spending energy on. He also built upon a lot of our ideas making them work really well for us and our team.” 

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