It’s Halftime for 2018. Are you winning or losing? -

It’s Halftime for 2018. Are you winning or losing?

Welcome, July!

Or as I refer to it: halftime – six months down and six months to go in 2018.

If you’re winning, a huge congratulations to you! It’s not easy reaching the ambitious goals you set on New Year’s Eve.

When it comes to goals, the simple part is setting them. The more difficult part is reaching them. Give yourself a high-five. You deserve it. Take a spontaneous day off and do something special to celebrate.

If you’re losing at halftime, now is the time to turn your game around. You’re in a hole, but like every great athlete, successful entrepreneurs have a way of making spectacular comebacks.

My advice is to reverse engineer your goals. Example: If you want to add $100,000 in profits this year, figure out how many sales that requires. What is your profit margin? How many prospects do you need to present to? What’s your conversion rate? How many leads do you need? You must work twice as hard to win, but hard-work always beats losing. Let’s go!

Tip: Treat every Monday morning with the same enthusiasm that you have every January 1st!

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