A Tip, A Tool, And A Quote for July 2021 -

A Tip, A Tool, And A Quote for July 2021

Every time you experience disappointments, it’s easy to feel pulled down emotionally and mentally. Your thoughts are taken over by negativity, dragging you into a lower state of consciousness, which can be overwhelming. Some disappointments can even make you feel as though you’ll never bounce back.

Imagine bounding into the office on an optimistic Monday morning, thinking you crushed all the deals in the previous week. Unfortunately, your clients unexpectedly changed their minds, sending you back to the drawing board.

Or, you pop open your email only to find countless messages pointing out mistakes you’d made on various assignments. Your calendar was so packed full of tasks, deadlines, and meetings that you weren’t able to keep everything straight. Without an organized calendar, it’s easy to mix things up, leaving you disappointed and stressed out.

A Tip 

It could be a mistake at work or even a personal issue like a break-up that brings you down. A dejected feeling is hanging over you like a rain cloud, and you need to take a minute to center yourself. Carve out some time to reflect on the disappointment and remember the phrase “time heals all wounds.”

A tip that can help accomplish this is to optimize your calendar. While it may not seem like a calendar can help with a disappointment or mistake that has already happened, you’d be surprised! Organizing your tasks can help organize your mind, helping you avoid future mistakes as well as setting a future reminder that things are going to get better.

A Tool 

Are you using your calendar app to the fullest? There’s a huge amount of capabilities, especially for Google Calendar, that can make your life so much easier. Color coding tasks, setting reminders, and sharing your calendar with friends, family, and coworkers are just a few ways you can utilize your calendar.

If you’re experiencing a disappointment in life, open your calendar, and set a reminder for one month or more from that day. On the reminder, write a note like “How do you feel about the disappointment you experienced a few weeks back?” Just by typing it out, you may realize that in a matter of weeks, the negative experience will have dulled its impact on you. When the reminder pops up later, you probably won’t be feeling as upset anymore, and perhaps you’ll have completely moved on from the incident.

Color coding is also another way to use your calendar effectively. You can use a color-coding system to help rank which tasks are the highest priority, or which category they fit into. You can choose one color for events, one for work tasks, and one for important reminders. Having this go-to organization method is a great way to get your day started rather than staring at a generic to-do list.

The calendar on your phone will also help you keep tabs with family and friends. Sharing your calendar with each other ensures that you’ll be included in all the special events going on with the people you treasure most. You can easily check when a baseball game, birthday party, or movie night is taking place. It’ll also make it easy to see when your friends are free, making it easy to plan a coffee date.

A Quote 

“Do not be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of “- Charles Richard.

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