Recession or Excuse? -

Recession or Excuse?

Is the word recession just another word for people who have run out of excuses? Easy, calm down. I’m not making light of the current economic situation. I got it, I feel it too. I just think it’s used way too much as an excuse by businesses that are not growing or, even worse, declining. The recession is out of our control. Why not concentrate on the things we can control?

It always falls back on how you look at things. A great example is a Realtor. Real estate has taken a pretty big hit with falling prices, short sales and foreclosures. Fewer people are buying homes; even fewer people are able to qualify for a mortgage. That sure sounds pretty bleak.

I see it differently — and so do the Realtors I speak with who are on top of their game. Realtors are dropping out of the industry at a record pace. Fewer Realtors equals less competition. Consumers are finally treating Realtors with the respect they deserve. The client is willing to pay proper commissions for a real estate professional. The strong Realtors are getting stronger and the weak Realtors are closing up shop. That sure sounds pretty good.

So I challenge you to ask yourself: Are you being consumed by things you have no control over? What consumes your time but isn’t making you any money? Pull yourself away from that and focus on the things you can control – and you’ll control a very bright future.

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