How to Hire Qualified and Reliable People -

How to Hire Qualified and Reliable People

If human resources, falls last on your allocation of time, then you are missing the most basic key to success behind the desired implementation in the various fields stated above. The key that acts as an enabler for all the stated crucial tasks is the manpower, without which any firm, irrespective of size or nature, is dysfunctional.

Failures have always been attributed to various factors, but such case studies always seem to overlook the importance of hiring high quality and reliable people for the overall operations.

Common mistakes to avoid when hiring
Skill duplication: Successful directors, who started small, believe that they know it all and this picture motivates them to replicate their own skills while hiring. There is a tendency to ignore the requisite diversity and this tends to create a shortage of skill sets at a later stage. Therefore, to possess a substantial working capacity, complement your present resources rather than replicating them.

Lack of involvement: Various managers are of the belief that the task of the human resources department is easy and attention must be paid to other more important jobs. While they save some time, by not being present during recruitments, this lack of involvement leads to recruiting inappropriate personnel for the job and wasting loads of time and resources at a later stage.

Poor job definition: A scant knowledge of the requirements leads to the selection of the wrong candidate, who is nothing more than a burden to the firm. To hire sensibly, it is crucial to first define the job responsibilities and the desired skill set.

The conflict between departments: Deserving candidates often are not recruited for the appropriate positions due to internal company politics or lack of understanding between various departments, which must be streamlined in order to succeed.

Ignoring the existing pool: Firms at times are so focused in identifying and recruiting new resources that human resource managers have literally no time for the existing pool. This tendency to ignore the needs of the already existing employees creates unnecessary competition. So complement recruitment with the correct retention strategies.

A final thought
To keep up the pace with the competition and the increasing requirements of the industry, look at the internal procedures being followed while hiring and ensure that you select the right candidate for the job. Hiring high quality and reliable people, who know their job, is the key to success.

-About the author-
David Gass is President of Business Credit Services, Inc.

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