Tip and Quote: Why You Should Hire a Salesperson -

Tip and Quote: Why You Should Hire a Salesperson


If a business is a vehicle, a salesperson is an engine to drive it to success. Sales bring much-needed traction to a budding business by not only increasing revenue but also building the credibility of the brand. Even big businesses rely on salespeople to scale their reach and boost their revenue. Small businesses, however, may be skeptical. Some regard it as an expense instead of an investment. This is where they are failing to develop a strategy to grow their brand. 

Referrals are a great source of sales, but considering referrals as the main sales source would be an overestimation. Small businesses may think referrals are everything they need because having a sales team or hiring a salesperson isn’t affordable. This is not true. If referrals act as a sailboat, a salesperson would be a powerboat for the business. Here are a few reasons to hire a salesperson or a team. 

Helpful to deal with clients

Sometimes, brands cannot reach the client personally to address their needs and grievances. A salesperson can do it on a personal level, building a relationship with the client while also retaining the customer for life. 

Boosts revenue

Most brands have a go-to sales model that works for them, and the salesperson can follow it. It’s a tried and tested method to increase product sales and boost revenue. In fact, that is the sole intention or target behind hiring a salesperson or a sales team. 

Increase productivity

If the CEO of the company thinks they can manage sales themself, or a designer or accountant can do it, that assumption is wrong. Sales is an established job role on its own, and to do it, you need to sacrifice other tasks. So either way, the business is suffering. This is where a salesperson increases the entire team’s productivity, working to scale the business.  

Tips on Recruiting a Salesperson

Learn from category leaders in different business segments; in all likelihood, they have a huge sales team working behind them. There are endless creative ways to hire a salesperson if you have a small budget. Here are some tips on hiring and managing a sales team to quickly scale your business with limited resources: 

Adopt affordable recruiting policies

Salespeople can be hired in different ways to keep the marketing budget to a minimum. Try recruiting on a part-time basis or through earning a commission based on sales. This increases productivity while reducing the cost.  

Develop talent

Hiring a professional sales team can be a financial burden for a new business or a small company. In such cases, businesses can hire fresh talent who have the potential to convince people and are willing to work to deadlines. Now, develop these talents through proper training and mentorship. Over a period, such teams have proved to be an asset to a company. 

Focus on results

Keep the focus on results. A sales team’s performance is measured by the number of sales it gets for the company, and this is a good rule to follow. For a salesperson, the focus should also be on accomplishing the target within the deadline. Maintaining a team or a salesperson that is not self-motivated or result-oriented is an operational expense for the company, not an investment.  

Quote on Sales

“Sales enablement can’t be reactive. It has to be a full-blown strategy that’s woven into the fabric of the company.” – Roderick Jefferson 

Sales is no longer a marketing technique; it has become a business strategy for brands to grow their presence and increase revenue.

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