A Tip, A Tool, and A Quote for June 2021 -

A Tip, A Tool, and A Quote for June 2021

A Tip 

Have you ever found yourself dozing off in the middle of a meeting? Or perhaps falling asleep while working at your desk? While you may choose the quick fix of a cup of coffee, the true solution may be getting a better night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential to your health, but its importance is often ignored. Medical experts emphasize that sleep is one of the main building blocks of good health. Not only does it re-energize you, but helps rebuild body tissue and replenishes cells, including those in your brain.

In addition to medical experts, many other influential personalities are vocal about the importance of sleep. Arianna Huffington, the media mogul behind the Huffington Post, realized the importance of sleep after she accidentally worked herself to exhaustion in 2007. She spent sleepless nights creating her company, but waking up in a pool of blood with her daughter next to her was enough to make Arianna change her routine and embrace the importance of proper rest.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is another successful CEO who values getting at least an eight hours rest. To him, it makes a big difference in his energy levels and ability to work efficiently and impactfully. He understands that when you’re fully recharged, you have more clarity and focus in your daily life. Burning out may lead to short-term success, but you’re bound to succeed more sustainably by giving your body the rest it needs.

It can be challenging to incorporate more sleep into your schedule, but being consistent in your bedtime is a critical practice. It helps create a sleep routine for your body, and your brain will be able to identify when it’s time to rest. It also helps to engage in relaxing activities before going to bed. Phones, for instance, are known to be great sleep distractors. They emit a blue light that suppresses and interrupts the release of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. Trade your nightly social media scroll for a good book, and you’re one step closer to a good night’s rest.

A Tool 

Slumber, a free mobile app, is an excellent tool for guiding you into a restful sleep. It contains sleep meditations, soothing stories, calming music, and therapeutic soundscapes. You have plenty of options to choose from, allowing you to find what works best for you at bedtime.

The app’s sleep meditations are created by some of the top meditation teachers in the world, and its soothing stories can guide you to far-off places. Those who’d rather simply listen to calming noises can choose the music and soundscapes option. Surround yourself with woodland sounds as you take a stroll through a forest, or enjoy the hypnotic sound of ocean waves.

Anyone who struggles to fall asleep should head on over to the app store and check out Slumber.

A Quote 

“Don’t give up on your dreams so soon; sleep longer.” — Anonymous

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