Did You Know? Henry Ford Turned Waste into A Billion-Dollar Company -

Did You Know? Henry Ford Turned Waste into A Billion-Dollar Company

Visionary Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Co. when horse carriers still roamed the streets, and many who couldn’t afford this means of transportation went everywhere by foot. His vision for mass production in the motor industry helped spark an industrial revolution, creating a more affordable and reliable automobile for the masses.  

Ford’s interest in automobiles started at 16 when he was hired as an apprentice machinist in Detroit. He used to operate and service steam engines while running a sawmill to support himself. The Edison Illuminating Company later hired him as an engineer, and Ford rose through the ranks to become the chief engineer in two years. In 1896 Ford created his first invention, the Quadricycle. The Quadricycle was his first step towards creating a gasoline-powered automobile. It consisted of a light metal frame fitted with four wheels driven by a two-cylinder, four-horsepower gasoline engine.

Ford spent the next seven years engrossed in the enhancement of the Quadricycle prototype. He then established Ford Motor Company in 1903. Ford’s first car was assembled a month later, and since then, the company has been a household name in the motor industry.

1919 marked the beginning of Ford’s new venture, which was almost as impactful as his motor company. He paved the way to create one of the most well-known barbecue staples: Kingsford Charcoal. It all began when Edward G. Kingsford helped Ford secure wood supply for his auto plants from a stretch of timberland. Ford then had an idea: what if he could put all the wood waste from his sawmill plants to better use? This resulted in the production of briquettes from pressing blocks of reconstituted char. The charcoal briquettes hit the market under the Ford Motor brand but were later renamed Kingsford Charcoal in honor of Edward G. Kingsford.

Today, Kingsford Charcoal is a billion-dollar company converting more than a million tons of wood waste into briquettes annually. Kingsford is ranked as the top charcoal manufacturer in the United States. They stand out in the American market as they are made with ingredients 100% sourced from North America. This has been the case since the company’s beginning and still carries on more than a century later.

They offer various high-quality briquettes, from the good-old Kingsford original briquettes to new superior varieties commonly used by chefs. Besides, their briquettes are widely used and associated with authentic grilling, good food, and the enjoyable barbeque season. Grill masters across the country rely on Kingsford charcoal all summer long, creating some of the most delectable barbecue meals.

Kingsford charcoal will give you the desired real charcoal flame needed to get that classic grill flavor, including natural wood smoke for grilling if need be. Additionally, they assure you not only a grill taste but a natural fire-grilled flavor.

As you can tell, Henry Ford was not a one-hit-wonder in the business world. From cars to charcoal, he’s had a greater impact on the world than we may have thought. Henry always took inspiration from the past, identified opportunities for the future, and believed in technology as a force to change the world. That’s why he is still remembered as an incredible innovator in American, and world, history.

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