Goals. Do you remember the goals you set for 2018? -

Goals. Do you remember the goals you set for 2018?

Do you remember the goals you set for yourself this New Year’s Eve?

Silly question? I think not. Most goals are forgotten by mid-January or February.

I equate setting goals with buying a Powerball ticket. It makes you feel great for two minutes as you contemplate winning.

But reality is quite different. Most people don’t win Powerball and most don’t hit their goals.

Instead of setting goals, I wish folks would set action steps.

Rather than creating a goal, like “I want to double my business in 2018,” it would be more productive to create an action step, like

“I will schedule one new prospect meeting per week.”

My experience tells me that the entrepreneur who sets action steps instead of goals will have a more successful 2018.

I’m not saying that goals are useless. What I’m saying is that without action, they’re nothing more than dreams.

Try reverse engineering your goals.

If you want to double your business, figure out a few things first.

How many new clients will that take?

How many leads will I need?

What will be my conversion rate of leads to new clients?

Can my current clients spend more with me or increase their patronage?

I challenge you right now to make a list of action steps.

The trick is that you must complete them each week. No excuses.

The smart money will bet that with a plan of action in place, you will meet/exceed your dreams/goals.

So, at next year’s New Year’s Eve parties, I would like everyone to ask, “What are your action steps for 2019?” Who knows? Maybe this idea will catch on!

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