"I Don't Need a Coach" -

“I Don’t Need a Coach”

“I don’t need a coach” is a phrase that makes me want to stuff my face with an entire 3×3 from #inandout.

Yes, I’m an emotional eater.

Why do I get emotional when I hear, “I don’t need a coach?”

Because the biggest frustration in my line of work is that most people think that business coaches are for failing, bad, broken companies/entrepreneurs.

Nope, I’ll leave @marcuslemonis, #theprofit, @markcuban, #sharktank, @jontaffer, #barrescue, and @tonyrobbins to handle the truly desperate cases. I’m too ugly for TV anyway.

The truth is simple. Think of your favorite athlete, actor, or entrepreneur.

I’m pretty sure that every top performer that popped into your head had or has a coach.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. Winners invest in themselves more than second placers.

I’ve been a business coach for eight years and I’m grateful every day that I found my calling.

My main goal for this post is to spread the word because entrepreneurs are my heroes and I want them to win.

I believe that unless you are coached, you are leaving some of your potential on the table.

I coach only a few people at a time and I don’t have affiliates who work my program, so I’m not interested in ten new clients. But I always have room for one more superstar on my team.

My public service announcement: Hire a coach, the best one you can find, to invest in yourself and reach your maximum capabilities.

Let me know if you have any questions about business coaching and how it works.

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